Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bloomsbury Auction of Gurney Book

Auction result:
279. GURNEY, James (b. 1958) Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time Atlanta, GA.: Turner Publishing, Inc., 1992. 8vo. Original cloth in original printed dust jacket. Provenance: acquired directly from the artist.
First edition in dust jacket signed by the artist with an original illustration on the title page. The very first printing was small because it was issued only for giveaways at the American Bookseller's convention; the bookstore edition that appeared in Fall 1992 is the second printing.

This special copy has two other unique features. In 1996 Mr. Gurney designed the "World of Dinosaurs" stamps for the U.S. Postal Service. One of those stamps is included on the half-title page of the book, along with an official "Artist Station" cancellation of May 10, 1997 in the artist's hometown of Rhinebeck, N. Y. Dinotopia was on the The New York Times Best Seller List and has been translated into 18 languages in 32 countries.

Sold for $600
Sale NY040, 9th December 2009, link to Bloomsbury Auction page.

Cellphone Tour at the Norton

Here’s a fun way that you can experience the Dinotopia exhibition that’s now in West Palm Beach, Florida.

In the back of one of the exhibition rooms is a painting called “Skybax Rider.”

If you have a telephone handy, dial the following number, and you can hear me in your ear talking about it. Dial 561-515-4185. Then hit extension #4.
Tour hosted by OnCell systems
"Dinotopia: The Fantastical Art of James Gurney" at the Norton Museum of Art

Norton Museum of Art

Glenn Tomlinson of the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida, introduces the Dinotopia exhibition in this video.

Norton Museum website
For potential museum venues inquiring about possibly hosting the Dinotopia show, please contact Mary Melius at the Norman Rockwell Museum at mmelius (at) or me at jgurneyart (at)