Friday, December 7, 2012

Attic Scene (One Hundred Years Index)

Yesterday Christie's New York auctioned 232 images from National Geographic's art and photo collection, including my oil on canvas "The Attic Scene." It was commissioned by the Geographic for its centennial in 1988. The painting sold for $50,000, twice the high estimate, and more than three times the low estimate.

Washington Post article about the sale (Thanks, Martha)
Previously on GJ: More about the painting and how it was created

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  1. I adore this painting and congratulations! It reminds me when I was little looking through my grandparents stack of N.G's with my grandfather. I think many of us have these memories. Thank you for bringing them back:-) You have touched on so many elements here - the above mentioned only one of many. I'm surprised it didn't go for more:-)